Credit: Haraldur Jonasson

How much would you pay for Justin Bieber’s dirty milk glass? Nothing? Would you pay someone else to get his filthy glass out of your house? Apparently, you don’t know value when you see it. A glass the pop star drank milk out of at a British pub has been bid up on eBay to an absurd £65,900.00 or about $80,862. And that’s post-Brexit; before the pound crashed we’d be talking about a nearly $100,000 dirty milk glass!

A mind-blowing 86 people have bid on the glass that was filled with Bieber’s beverage of choice – milk – for washing down a meal of salmon and mashed potatoes at the Kings Oak Hotel in Essex, just outside of London, last Thursday. The drinking vessel found its way to eBay after an employee snatched it from the restaurant. “I work at the kings oak hotel where Justin bieber was seen yesterday having dinner,” the seller wrote on the auction site, “and we kept his milk glass, it hasn't been washed !” Apparently, she rushed off with the cup so hastily, she didn’t even have time to use proper capitalization.

Bidding started last Friday at a mere £10, but began escalating out of control on Sunday with the price at one point jumping from £15,000 to a ridiculous £50,000.

Pub manager Amy Potter, who it appears is the one who started the listing, told Essex Live her team originally talked about putting it up on eBay as a joke. “All these school kids turned up afterwards and we gave his water bottle to them but we had put his stuff to the side and then said ‘let's put it on Ebay for a laugh and see what we can get for it,’” she said. “I could get a nutter who's obsessed with him and buys it but I'm not really bothered, I just did it for a laugh.” Sounds like she’ll be laughing a lot while driving the new Mercedes she’ll be able to buy with the proceeds.

Some actual good will come out of all this madness though. According to the auction page, 10 percent of the proceeds will benefit The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Essex South West Branch, meaning Bieber just made a lot of new furry friends in England.

Bieber fans looking for a bargain should be aware that a second item was also salvaged from The Bieb’s stop at the pub: a Peroni-branded pint glass that the superstar drank water out of. “I am a colleague of Amy's at the Kings Oak Pub, she is selling the Milk glass Justin Bieber drank from currently on EBay,” that listing states. “I have the water glass that he washed his salmon down with! I was not going to sell this as I wanted to keep it as a memorabilia however there are evidently lots of people out there that would like this more than me.” Two added bonuses: The water glass is also unwashed and the seller will also throw in Bieber’s friend’s glass for free. That’s got to be a rude awakening for that friend’s ego.

After just 32 bids, the water glass is currently going for the comparatively cheap price of just £500. It’ll look great on the shelf next to that mug Donny Osmond drank tea out of that you paid a fortune for in the ‘70s and is currently worth nothing.