Credit: © Rune Hellestad / Corbis

Is there anything Beyoncé and Jay Z can’t crush? They even know the right way to do daiquiris.

While wrapping up the New Orleans leg of their On the Run tour on Monday, the power couple proved their awesomeness by dropping into Gene’s Curbside Daiquiris, a 24-hour, no-frills neighborhood institution known for its creatively named, slushy and potent daiquiris. No word on what flavors the couple chose—maybe the A.T.M. (Addicted to Money)? Or the Booty Call? Or maybe they really went for it and got the What the F--K! (exclamation point Gene’s, not ours).


If you want to experience daiquiris like Beyoncé and Jay, you’ll have to pay a visit to Gene’s—because we can’t in good conscience share any recipes that include that much grain alcohol. But we can share a recipe for a deliciously fruity melon daiquiri made with fresh cantaloupe, lime juice and amber rum.

Get the recipe: Halekulani Melon Daiquiri.