By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 27, 2015
© Johner Images / Alamy

Historical artifacts? Meh. What people will really want in the future is booze!

I can only assume that was the flawless logic used by whoever stuffed what is now a 121-year-old bottle of whiskey inside a time capsule recently unearthed in an old bridge in Scotland.

The metal box, which was uncovered by construction workers replacing the bridge, contained a folded newspaper from September 1894, a paper scroll and, to help whoever found it get through all that boring reading, the bottle of booze. “It is fascinating to think these items have been sitting in the bridge's structure for 121 years,” Robert Ogg, of the construction company Morgan Sindall, told the BBC. Though maybe if the previous builders had drank less whiskey on the job, the original bridge wouldn’t need replacing.

So who gets to drink this long-aged liquor? Reportedly, the “artifacts” have been taken by the Highland Folk Museum. Keep an eye on their Facebook page to see if they’re throwing a party anytime soon.