Credit: © Josh Renouf

That staccato Marimba sound we wake up to every morning may be the only thing that works, but it still makes us want to throw our phone against the wall every morning. It turns out there may be a better wake-up call than jarring ring tones. A British designer named Josh Renouf has created an alarm clock that will actually brew a cup of coffee, gently nudging us awake with a smell that tells us caffeine is on the way. The Rube Goldbergian device, called the Barisieur, uses an induction-heating element attached to a clock. The steam pressure created by boiling the water forces it through a glass tube and into a steel filter full of your preferred roast. The result? A relaxing way to wake up and a hot cup of coffee. Plus it looks considerably more attractive than the bacon alarm clock. You will have to prep your grounds and water the night before, but that’s a small price to pay to roll over and see your beverage of choice waiting for your every morning.

After presenting at last month’s New Designer’s exhibition, Renouf began developing the Barisieur for commercial use. He doesn’t have a release date yet, but one is forthcoming and he said it will cost between $250-400. Until then, if anyone knows a good live-in barista send them our way. We really don’t want to go back to waking up to an iPhone.