The Beer Yogis, Yoga, Beer
Credit: © JenVanZee

As most musicians will tell you, you haven’t really made it until your first national tour. By that standard, though hosting yoga sessions at breweries has become a rapidly growing trend over the past year or so, The Beer Yogis Summer 2016 Road Trip may be beer yoga’s big coming out party.

For the uninitiated, beer yoga might not be quite as exciting as it sounds. Beer is not directly involved in the process—you don’t do downward dog with your nose in a pint. Instead, classes are held in breweries, which often times have plenty of extra floor space, and then participants are encouraged to hang out and have a social beer with each other afterwards. Still, though the concept appeals more to the exercise-prone than hard-drinking types, it can be a great alternative to maintaining a barstool pose for hours on end.

Emerging as two of the biggest advocates of the practice have been The Beer Yogis, two yoga instructors who from opposite sides of the country. Mikki Trowbridge, who is from Ohio, met Melissa Kilmo-Major, who is from Oregon, online. After a face-to-face meeting in New York, the duo decided to take their passion for beer and yoga on a tour.

Billed as “1 month, 22 cities, 6,000 miles,” according to the Yogi’s website, the tour kicks things off on June 29 at Kindred Artisan Ales in Columbus, Ohio, heads over to New York City, and then goes down the East Coast before looping back through the Midwest. Eventually, the yoga duo drop down to San Diego before working their way up to their final stop at Gilgamesh Brewing in Oregon.

If you’ve been interested in trying out the beer yoga trend, it may be worth keeping an eye out for an event in your area. And if you get hooked, you could go full-on Grateful Dead-style and follow the Beer Yogis around on tour. Just don’t try the brown acid before your session.