beer, drinking, mosquito, mosquito bites
Credit: © Ty Downing/Getty Images

As if the idea of contracting Zika virus wasn’t scary enough, new research suggests that drinking a single beer can increase the attraction of mosquitos.

Grayson Brown, director of the Public Health Entomology Laboratory at the University of Kentucky, tells CBS News that alcohol raises the body temperature of drinkers and makes them sweat more. Heat and sweat apparently attract mosquitoes like a sexy perfume, which causes the tiny terrors to make a beeline towards your skin. The brew's presence of CO2 is also a contributing factor.

"CO2 comes bubbling out of a beer when it's opened. CO2 is going to attract mosquitoes that feed mostly on mammals. We know that mosquitoes use CO2 to get close to the mammals," Brown says.

Shockingly, mosquitos can follow a carbon dioxide stream from more than 100 feet away, which makes them even more horrifying than the neighbor's potato salad you pretend to enjoy at her annual backyard potluck.

So what steps can you take to prevent bites at your next outdoor party or BBQ? Brown says to avoid anything alcoholic or carbonated, but we all know that's just crazy talk.

If you're down for ditching your beer, congratulations, but the rest of us should plan on moving all festivities indoors because the bloodsucking insects have officially won the turf battle and life is anything but fair.