By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 12, 2016
Credit: © Bloomberg / Getty Images

Target stores are used to having specialized sections. There’s the electronics departments where fed up moms dump their children to play video games. There’s the café area where you can fuel your shopping with stale hot dogs, Starbucks Caramel Macchiatos and personal Pizza Hut pizzas. There’s the seasonal section where you can gaze upon five full aisles of Valentine’s Day candy and ponder, Who the hell is going to buy all this candy?!

But now a Target in Denver has a new section patrons can really get excited about: the company’s first walk-in beer cave.

The Street reports that, in a continued effort to drive sales, a Denver location, which was one of the chain’s pioneering stores for alcohol sales, has been trying out a new concept: Earlier this year, the beer and wine section was moved to the front of the store to help shoppers get in and out faster. The redesign also includes what’s being billed as Target’s first and only walk-in beer cave: Because when you want beer fast, you probably want it chilled.

Though there’s no inkling that beer caves will become a regular sight at the over 1,790 Targets across the country, the retailer has been making an effort to make beer more of a priority. Target says that in the past year, they’ve increased their local craft beer portfolio from 100 brands to over 300 brands.

Yes, without a beer cave you’re going to have to buy all those fancy new beers at room temperature, but this is Target. You can buy ice in the freezer section, then get a cooler from aisle H14 and start your beer cooling. After that, maybe grab a bottle opener from aisle J4, and then head over to aisle Z48 for patio furniture, hunker down and do some drinking.