Beer Advent Calendar, beer, advent calendar
Credit: © Elaina Mastrilli (product) , Annie Spratt (background)

If you find yourself in need of a few extra drinks around the holiday season, you’re not alone. The weather turns colder. You’re surrounded by family. Hearing “Jingle Bells” twice in one day alone is enough to drive anyone to crack open a beer. Now, a new Kickstarter campaign wants to help you easily combine the Christmas tradition of the Advent calendar with your obligatory daily holiday tipple.

The people behind the “Beer Advent Calendar” admit that turning a case of beer into a hopped-up version of the traditional Advent calendar isn’t a new idea – in fact, with 24 beers in a case and 24 windows in an Advent calendar, it’s almost too perfect – but their product presents the concept in a simple fillable (and re-fillable) package that anyone can easily use to make a beer Advent calendar for friends, family or (hell, why not) themselves.

“DIY Beer Advent Calendars have been around for years,” The Thirst Amendment writes on its Kickstarter page, “but after realizing that unless you built your own Beer Advent Calendar (or convinced someone else to build one for you), you couldn't participate in the tradition, we wanted to make this holiday tradition more accessible to everyone. Our goal was to create a product that everyone could enjoy and use, regardless of their crafting/handyman skills, income level, or beer preference.”

The box, “made from strong and durable cardboard,” has “24 independently opening lids” and is designed to hold “most 12oz bottles or 12-16oz cans.” It’s also “completely collapsible” and “assembles in less than 1 minute.” Frankly, the whole thing isn’t rocket science: It’s based off a traditional cardboard beer case. But as shown off in their Kickstarter’s video, it seems like The Thirst Amendment’s design would do the trick for quickly throwing together a beer Advent calendar without having to think about much more than just buying the beer.

Yes, alas, the Beer Advent Calendar does not come stocked with beer. Considering the legal nightmare that is shipping beer in the United States, it makes sense.

Still, these boxes aren’t particularly cheap either: An early bird box costs $18; after that its $21. For some cheaper brands, you could buy a case of actual beer at that price. But you know what, this is Kickstarter: I’d rather have people crunch the numbers and give an honest price than underestimate costs and not deliver – especially with a project like this that has to go out by November to keep backers happy.

I know it’s way too early to be thinking about your Christmas shopping, but, hell, if you can knock it out in August, why not?