Cheers, to the happy couple (and the even happier, cocktail-drinking guests).

By F&W Editors
Updated June 26, 2017

The happy couple is, obviously, the star of an engagement party. But cocktails come in at a close second. Wow guests and toast the beginning of a beautiful marriage with these gorgeous cocktails.

1. Agricole-Guava Cooler

© Hector Sanchez

Rhum agricole’s grassy flavor is delicious in this tropic cocktail.

2. Dark Sparklers

© Con Poulos

Fresh black plums give this cocktail its striking color.

3. Gin-Campari Old-Fashioned

This variation on an old-fashioned swaps out gin for whiskey. A splash of Campari adds bitterness and a rosy color.

4. Sparkling Yuzu Gimlets

© Christina Holmes

You can make this Asian-style gimlet in a large pitcher for easy entertaining.

5. Suze Bramble

This drink has the characteristic rich pink hue and sweet-tart flavors of a classic Bramble (gin, blackberries and lemon juice); the complex French gentian aperitif Suze gives it a bitter edge.

6. Firesuite

© Lucas Allen

This spicy take on a Pimm’s Cup gets terrific heat from a dash of cayenne extract and a warming ginger syrup.

7. Pab’s Buck

The perfect pitcher drink for spring, this cocktail is made with fresh strawberries, tequila and rhubarb bitters.

8. Grape Sparklers

This delightfully fizzy cocktail pairs just-pressed grape juice with dry sparkling wine to keep it from tasting too sweet.

9. Commodore 64

Don’t be afraid of the crème de cacao in this cocktail. It adds a sweet richness.

10. Descanso Beach Smash


This pleasantly bitter and refreshing concoction pairs Aperol with rye whiskey.