Credit: © Kiley Fisher

What do bacon, smoked salmon and tobacco have in common? Some lunatic infused vodka with all of them. We’ve always wondered why anyone would want to drink ridiculous, flavored vodkas. Until now.

At Sona Creamery and Wine Bar in Washington, DC—the only operating creamery in the nation’s capital—patrons can have their cheese and drink it too with the aptly named Parmageddon. Here, bartenders combine house Bloody Mary mix with Parmesan-infused vodka and add a generous garnish of Parmesan dust around the rim. We know you may have reservations, but the resulting Bloody reminds us of dunking a grilled cheese in tomato soup—just boozier.

For anyone who wants to try a cheese infusion at home, here is how Sona does it: First they soak leftover Parmigiano-Reggiano rinds in a liter of vodka for one week. Next, they blend and strain the mixture, leaving clear vodka with fine flakes of cheese dispersed throughout. And please don’t fear the flakes.

All other flavored vodkas, consider yourselves on notice: Parmesan vodka is coming for you.