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Any place selling 40-ounce bottles of malt liquor in a brown paper bag for $15 a pop is clearly looking for attention, so I guess you could say Los Angeles’s Saint Felix got what it was looking for.

A couple days ago, Twitter user @JVR24_ tweeted a pic of Saint Felix’s beer list. At the bottom of the otherwise normal list featuring things like a $7 Lagunitas IPA and a $6 Miller Lite appears the offer of a “Colt 45 ‘40’ with brown paper bag” selling for a mere $15. “Dawg, gentrification at its finest. Wow!!!!!”

Despite having fewer than 1,000 followers, @JVR24_ ‘s tweet went “ham,” as he described it, racking up over 33,000 likes and 20,000 retweets as of this writing. It even landed on Twitter’s “Moments” list as one of the hot topics of the day. But more importantly, the tweet sparked an even larger debate on the question of “Are they serious?”

The SF Gate pointed out that the Hollywood bar has actually been offering up this overpriced 40-ounce since at least 2008 – proving that everything old is new again if it comes in a brown paper bag. As for Saint Felix, you may want to avoiding dropping in over the next couple days: Something makes me think it might be a hot drinking spot for a while. However, good news, you can get 40-ounces of Colt 45 for far cheaper than $15 at plenty of convenience stores. They’ll probably even throw in the brown paper bag for free.