By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 30, 2015
Credit: © Todd Bennett / Stringer / Getty Images

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Or at least as “mighty” as a football team from the American Athletic Conference can be. Just two seasons ago, the University of Central Florida Knights finished with a 12–1 record, losing only to a highly ranked University of South Carolina team and going undefeated in their conference. They upset the sixth ranked Baylor Bears, a 16.5-point favorite, in the Fiesta Bowl and finished the season ranked tenth in the AP poll.

Cut to 2015 and the team is off to an 0–4 start, losing to unheralded opponents like the Florida International Golden Panthers and the Furman Paladins (come guys, the Paladins?). But one Orlando bar has faith in their local university football team, and they are willing to bet their beer supply that UCF will actually win a game this season.

Starting this week, The Basement is offering free beer during all UCF games until the team earns a victory. “Seriously,” they say on Instagram. “Because we need something to be excited about.”

According to ESPN, who spoke with bar owners, “The bar will start serving free beer, which will be an American lager like Coors Light and Yuengling, after the kickoff and will continue to serve until the final whistle is blown for each game until the team wins.” With national attention from the press, you’d think maybe the bar would want to back off their offer, but instead it’s doubling down. Though the main bar’s capacity is just 150 people, management said they plan to open up an additional space to accommodate up to 200 people worth of overflow.

“We have taken great pride in the team and we very much consider ourselves a UCF bar, as we're operated and staffed by graduates and even some current students,” Jake Whitacre, the bar’s marketing director and a UCF grad himself, was quoted as saying.

Based on the success or failure of this crazy promotion, apparently we’re about to see just how smart a UCF marketing degree really makes you.