Credit: © Steuben Foods, Inc.

Once upon a time, water was water. It came out of a tap, and that was pretty much that. Then bottled water blew up, and the whole world went water crazy. Now, anything can be called a water. Back in January, we had artichoke water. Before that, watermelon water. So I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that that’s almost exactly how Banana Water came to be.

“We looked at carbonated, natural, spring, mineral,” said Stacey Inglis, senior vice president of marketing for Steuben Foods, the company behind the new product Banana Water. “It seemed as though that had all been done. Then we looked at flavored. Coconut water is the big player right now, but it's such a polarizing flavor. We asked ourselves, ‘Where do refreshment, nutrition and taste meet?’ It was like a light bulb went on—bananas, of course!”

The idea of banana water might seem like a weird lightbulb moment for anyone who has ever squeezed a banana and seen absolutely no juice whatsoever come out of it. But for this new water brand, nutritional value is the key. According to the company, each bottle of Elmhurst Naturals Banana Water is packed with potassium—the equivalent of up to two bananas. They describe the product as “light and refreshing…formulated with all-natural banana juice concentrate.”

But here’s the real kicker: Banana Water doesn’t just come in banana flavor (which they call “Original”). You can also get “Passion Fruit Banana Water” and “Mango Banana Water.” Oh my god, my brain hurts. Do you think potassium will help cure that problem?