banana milk, coffee
Credit: © Jack Andersen/Getty Images

The caffeine-loving folks at Brooklyn's J+B Design & Cafe are not monkeying around with their unique take on your typical cold brew. Rather than the nut and soy alternatives found in major chains like Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts, the Brooklyn-based coffee shop is offering banana milk as a cow milk substitute for its menu's beverages.

According to Eater, the flavor is “milky and somewhat sweet,” though it doesn’t taste like the actual banana itself. J+B’s manager, Fumio Tashiro, who has used the ripe banana, milk and simple syrup blend for a little over a year now, says that the concoction best resembles “a milkshake.” While Eater disagrees, they praise the drink’s ability to “balance out the coffee’s acidity in a way that a typical milk-and-cold-brew combo lacks.”

Not going to lie, this sounds pretty damn delicious. And we're actually surprised that other coffee shops haven't caught on to the banana milk trend sooner. Who knows what the future has in store for the java-dependent and their never-ending quest for sweeter and creamier options? (Crosses fingers for cookie milk or cereal milk-based coffee).