By Aly Walansky
Updated March 23, 2016
Credit: Credit: Charley Gallay

We don’t want to grow up and apparently we don’t have to. In San Francisco, Forward Motion, a Bay Area non-profit that claims to “help individuals live out their dreams,” recently indulged our collective state of arrested development that in the past has included activities like adult kickball and “camp for grownups,” with a bar housed in a Chuck E. Cheese-esque ballpit.

What could possibly go wrong?

"It took a little over a year to actually make it happen as the biggest obstacle was trying to raise enough money to purchase 40,000 ball pit balls," creator Ryan Lum told Mashable. "After several failed crowd-funding attempts, I decided to just start selling tickets to [the] event that didn’t even exist. It took a long time trying to raise the money but it was all worth it in the end."

After some failed crowdfunding attempts, the event finally ended up occurring over a 2-day period earlier this week, with tickets $30 a pop, completely selling out. They hope to expand to other cities soon and a second ball pit pop-up is already scheduled at San Francisco’s Monarch night club.

Maybe they can get the Rock A Fire Explosion to show up and sing some Usher to really fill out the ambience.