By Chris Mah
Updated February 26, 2015
© iStockphoto

In many cities around the country, food trucks are all the rage. But in Fairbanks, Alaska, they’ve got a beer truck. HooDoo Brewing uses a converted Merced-Benz fire truck—complete with roll-up doors and wall-mounted hooks for axes—to deliver its crisp kölsch and creamy oatmeal stout all over the state. The best part? The truck has a rooftop deck that's perfect for viewing the Alaskan wilderness up close with a brew in hand.

The brewery’s owner, Bobby Wilken, bought the 30-year-old fire truck from a friend in Seattle and has retained most of the original design. The bright red vehicle was affectionately dubbed “The Feuer” (pronounced “foy-er,” German for "fire") and has become a fixture on Alaskan roads. The Feuer needs the occasional break from the weather, though—it doesn’t run in temperatures below 15 degrees. Despite its limitations, The Feuer has helped HooDoo develop quite a reputation. It was recently named one of the 50 best craft breweries in the country. For those of us who won’t be making a trip to Alaska anytime soon, let’s hope The Feuer plans a road trip to the lower 48 soon.