Credit: Photo Composite: © Karen Strauss / Jack Andersen / Getty Images

At this point, brewers have used pretty much every possible ingredient to make beer. But a well-made brew featuring a unique ingredient can still turn heads. Avocados, especially, tend to get people excited so I guess it’s not that surprising that the latest buzzworthy beer in Australia features avocados as a key ingredient.

Earlier this year, Danial Wind of Australia’s Bushshack Brewery in Western Australia was approached about making an avocado brew for the Araluen Botanical Park’s Avocado Festival. Though the final product apparently doesn’t have any perceivable avocado flavor, the fruit does lend the lager some other characteristics. “The bitterness actually carries from the avocado itself,” Wind told Mashable. He said the fruit also gives the beer a “creamy finish.”

The avocado beer became so popular that Wind said he’s been getting requests for it ever since its debut at the festival. “They've been ringing up and asking for it in a bottle,” said Wind. “We don't have any for them.” However, if you swing by the brewery in Yallingup, you might have better luck. “We've been going through a keg of it a week here,” he told Australia’s ABC News. “Based on peer group pressure and public opinion we will be making more of it.”

Though avocado beers aren’t common here in the States, they have been tried before. The beer app Untappd lists at least two “Avocado Ales” from Surf Brewery in Ventura, CA and Angel City in LA – though neither seem to have gotten as big of a response as Bushshack Brewery’s creation. The real question now is: where are the scientists to tell us that avocado beer is actually the healthiest beverage known to man?