By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 04, 2016
Credit: © Photononstop / Alamy

Admittedly, water is an often overlooked ingredient when it comes to affecting the taste of food or beverages. Some New Yorkers claim that water is what makes their city’s pizza and bagels taste so distinct. Brewers will tell you that the water source can make one beer taste better than another. And of course, water is one of literally two ingredients that go into your coffee. It’s gotta be doing something, right? (The pros definitely think it is)

But a new company called Aquiem is taking obsession over your coffee’s water to the next level – probably a level too far for casual coffee drinkers, and possibly to a point non-coffee drinkers will find insane.

For a mere $25.68, Aquiem will sell you a case of twelve one-liter boxes of “enhanced water” specifically designed to make your coffee taste its best. Just to handle the math for you, that’s 405 ounces of water, enough for about 67 six-ounce cups of coffee, meaning each cup of coffee will run about 38 cents more than one with lesser attention to hydro details.

Aquiem claims what makes their H2O better is all the stuff they take out of it and then put into it that isn’t hydrogen or oxygen. According to Daily Coffee News, the company purifies its water down to zero mineral content before re-adding Aquiem’s own chosen mix of minerals and other components. “What you definitely do not want is to have things like zinc and lead, fluoride, chlorine and large amounts of calcium in the water. All of that effects the taste of the coffee,” Aquiem co-founder Rob Vidacovich was quoted as saying “What does have a favorable effect on coffee are things like magnesium, potassium, and a certain right blend of calcium.”

And I know that sounds a bit over-the-top wonky, but Vidacovich did end with a solid sales pitch. “Higher-end coffee drinkers are spending more and more money on high-end coffee beans. They’re spending an enormous amount of money on the equipment to grind it and to brew it, and yet it’s 98 percent water and they don’t have the appropriate chemistry of water to get the value that they’re trying to get,” he said. “They’re definitely not getting the best cup of coffee that they can possibly get.”

It’s almost enough to make you switch to tea.

[h/t Eater]