By Larissa Zimberoff
Updated October 01, 2014
© Jordan Beckham

There’s an app for almost everything at this point, so why not for drinking games. Pittsburgh musician Ali Spagnola has figured out a way to enhance the old standby, the Power Hour with the help of your smartphone.

For those unfamiliar with it, Power Hour is a drinking tradition that many have used to celebrate their 21st birthdays. It’s a 60-minute game in which participants toss back shots at one-minute intervals along to music that has been formatted into 60 beautiful seconds of rock-out mayhem. The shots are probably beer, since attempts at an hour of nonstop shots of anything else will almost certainly not make it past the first 10 minutes. That the game lasts only an hour is probably a very good thing.

Spagnola’s app helps create the perfect, boozy 60-minute playlist from songs on your phone, along with noises or alerts to signal the transition, a.k.a. time for your next shot. In case your phone is full of nothing but Game of Thrones audiobooks, Spagnola included some of her original music in the app as well—each of the tracks are just 60 seconds long.

But the app is not just a jukebox. There’s an automatic photo option that will take party pics from your phone and tweet them, because drunk tweeting is the best tweeting.

The Power Hour App launched this week for both Android and iPhone. But if you want an even fuller experience, Ali also plays Power Hour concerts. If you’ve never had a live sound track to your drinking game before, this seems like a great place to start.