Credit: Instagram/@bompasandparr

Is it an effective anti-aging potion or a slightly above average pun that became a real product? It’s tough to tell. But “Anti-aGin” – the anti-aging is definitely one of those two things.

The strange product, developed by Bompas & Parr for Warner Leisure Hotels, makes some lofty claims. In a post on the hotel chain’s blog yesterday, the brand states that this “first ever Anti-aging Gin … has been distilled with pure collagen as well as a mix of anti-ageing botanicals to help people look younger whilst having fun.” Later, they write, “The ingredients were specifically chosen due to their revitalizing qualities, including healing sun-damage, being rich in minerals, inhibiting scar formation and to help smooth cellulite.”

But don’t take their word for it. The brand also got Nicky Hambleton-Jones – an anti-aging expert whose show appears on no less a channel than BBC 4 – to vouch for it. “For those that want to do everything they can to stay young, but don’t want to give up alcohol, this is surely the next best thing,” Jones is quoted as saying. “By including some classic botanicals known for their rejuvenating properties and combining it with drinkable collagen, it’s the alcoholic equivalent of a facial. I’ll drink to that!” Would Nicky Hambleton-Jones lie to us?? That’s a serious question; I don’t get BBC 4.

Before you dismiss the whole thing, however, the good folks over at Eater remind us that there is some scientific proof that drinking oral collagen can have anti-aging properties. And though Anti-aGin is available for sampling at all 13 of Warner Leisure’s hotels, you can just order a bottle online for about $50 – which is actually far cheaper than what you’d pay for a facial and is guaranteed to get you drunker.