By Noah Kaufman
Updated January 23, 2015
Credit: © iStockphoto

Usually the realm of spring break bars, body shots tend to have names like Tequila Death Wish and never involve ingredients worth drinking. Culinary experience specialists Bompas and Parr are ignoring both those conventions for an upcoming Anatomical Whiskey Tasting in London.

The Valentine’s Day event will let ticket holders drink pricey aged Scotch off the body of someone who was born the same year the whiskey began fermenting. As they describe it, “A fine 25-year-old single malt is paired with a 25-year-old performer, 30-year-old spirits with a 30-year-old and onwards, up to august, rare 50-year-old drams coupled with a half-century-old partner.”

The people acting as vessels will also share their life stories with attendees to “elevate the practice of body shots and grasp the full magnitude of the years the spirit has lain in cask, slowly gaining complexity and maturity.”

Is this a odd way to use some very good Scotch? Certainly. Is there a better a way to bond with your special someone on Valentine’s Day than sipping from the navel of a 50-year-old Hell’s Angel? Maybe. But it will be one hell of a story to tell the kids someday.

Tickets for the event at London’s Ace Hotel are available for adventurous drinkers for £48 ($72) while they last.