By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 31, 2017
alton brown
Credit: © Lou Rocco / Getty Images

You’d certainly trust him to host your cooking show, but would you let Alton Brown brew your coffee? Interestingly, the face of Good Eats and Iron Chef America and author of multiple cookbooks is a major staple of the food world, but it seems he’s never really had his fingers in any brick-and-mortar establishments before. But the time has come: Brown is getting into the coffee shop game.

Speculation began on Sunday when Brown fired off a somewhat vague tweet. “Hey #Marietta...we need a new coffee shop and I think I'm just the guy to open it,” he wrote on his official account. The TV personality currently resides in Marietta, Georgia, a large Atlanta suburb, so ostensibly, the tweet implied that he was earnestly be considering opening a coffee shop in his local area.


However, not content with taking the tweet’s word for it, Eater Atlanta reached out to Brown, and, yes, the rumors that Brown himself started are true: He confirmed his plans to open a café – albeit in an equally vague manner. “It is my intention to open a coffee shop in Marietta, Ga., though I’m not at a point where I can release any details,” he was quoted as saying. “I can tell you this — no, no, I’ve said too much already.” Oh, come on, Alton! I’ve seen you on camera a million times. You love to talk! Half the time you’re even doing it super fast to fit in as many words as possible!

But there you have it. Starbucks in the Atlanta area are officially put on notice. I wonder if Alton Brown makes a good Frappuccino?