By Clara Olshansky
Updated July 10, 2015
Credit: © Absolut

In case you haven’t yet celebrated the fact that SCOTUS finally gets that #LoveIsLove, now you can do with a shot of vodka. Absolut just dropped their limited edition "Colors" bottle, decked out in Gilbert Baker's 1978 rainbow flag, which has become an icon of gay pride.

The bottle is a re-issue of their 2008 design, which arose out of a collaboration with Baker himself. Absolut has always been progressive on issues of LGBTQ rights. For decades, Absolut ran themed advertisements on the topic. A 1981 ad, Absolut OUTrageous, shows the bottle in front of a neon mass of gay culture symbols. In 2005, Absolut partnered with GLAAD to create a same-sex wedding-inspired ad, Absolut Commitment. In 2011, Absolut sponsored RuPaul's drag race. And most recently, the brand teamed up with filmmaker Paul Frankl to create a short film,"Roxanne," which was created to "give a new voice to transgender women."

The vodka company said of their special edition bottle, "Absolut has long supported freedom for creative and self-expression and encouraged people to be who they are. We look back at our history within the LGBT community with pride and are excited to use the launch of Absolut Colors as an opportunity to re-establish ourselves as true pioneers in our continuous support for equality."

To complement the launch of the new bottle, Absolut has released a clever film with a recipe for how to mix Absolut Rainbow: equal parts love, diversity, human rights, equality, social progress, and liberation "in a highball filled with ice because it's cool." So fill your glass take a drink of American pride.