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clearly canadian
Credit: © Clearly Canadian

If there was one drink that flavored the 90s, it was Clearly Canadian: a Wild Cherry packed in a lunch bags was the surefire way to be the envy of middle school classmates. A Raspberry paired with a couple of Jewel-Osco chicken tenders was the way to jazz up another Friday night at home watching movies with parents.

But then came 2009, when Clearly Canadian disappeared from shelves. We begrudgingly swapped the just-too-good, not-too-sweet fizzy, flavored water in and for less-sugary seltzers like La Croix, thinking we’d never get a chance to drink from those distinctly oversized glass bottles again.

That is, until today: Clearly Canadian is back in the hands of thirsty Americans.

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A representative from Clearly Canadian confirmed today to that the product is again available in the U.S. today at Cost Plus World Market and select Hy-Vee stores. Cost Plus World Market’s website now lists the brand’s Blackberry, Wild Cherry, and Orchard Peach flavors on sale in stores only, for $2.29.

The return to shelves comes after a long, fraught crowdfunding campaign that first started in January 2015. Though Clearly Canadian hit their goal of 25,000 pre-ordered cases only two months into the campaign, obstacles kept the company from shipping all orders to supporters in a timely fashion. According to an April 2017 Consumerist article, a Vancouver plant shutdown in November 2015 caused the unexpected financial setback that is delaying them from shipping all pre-orders. According to a Clearly Canadian representative, 90 percent of pre-orders have yet to be shipped, and will be honored “once Clearly is out of the woods.”

Since pre-orders are still not completely filled, it’s likely that what is on the shelves right now will be it for a while. So, if you’ve really missed your Clearly Canadian, we recommend stocking up when you see it!