Great ideas for holiday cocktails to add to your repertoire.

Rebel Flip
Credit: © Lucas Allen

Eggnog might be the ultimate holiday drink (especially when you make this foolproof recipe), but it’s not the only creamy cocktail to make this time of year. Here, nine eggnog alternatives to make for holiday parties or just sitting by the fire.

1. Alejandro
This unusual mix of gin, heavy cream, bitters and Licor 43 (a citrus-and-vanilla-flavored liqueur) is surprisingly delicious.

Credit: © Tina Rupp

2. Bourbon Milk Punch
This eggless eggnog-esque drink is perfect to make in big batches for parties.

3. Rebel Flip
Nutty and terrifically boozy, this dessert cocktail is reminiscent of a milkshake.

Rebel Flip
Credit: © Lucas Allen

4. White Rabbit
This anisette-flavored drink is creamy and spicy.

5. Ginger Baker Fizz
Crème de cacao and ginger liqueur take the place of the usual simple syrup in this take on a classic gin fizz.


6. Café Brûlot Flip
A whole raw egg adds a velvety creaminess to this rich, spicy after-dinner drink.

7. Foggy Dew
Mixologist Jack McGarry combines raisiny Pedro Ximenez sherry and vanilla-inflected Jameson Black Barrel whiskey to create this Irish take on eggnog.

Foggy Dew

8. Friar Flip
This cocktail gets its spice from chocolaty mole bitters and yellow Chartreuse, a honeyed herbal liqueur.

9. Tom & Jerry
"It may seem like a bit of a nuisance to make such a labor-intensive drink," says John Gertsen of this classic 19th-century holiday cocktail. "But at the end of a long shift, there's nothing better than a nice hot Tom & Jerry."

Tom & Jerry