By Noah Kaufman
Updated June 17, 2014
Cuba Libre

When Team USA captain Clint Dempsey scored 31 seconds into yesterday’s World Cup match against Ghana it became a fantastic opening for America. Hopefully, Dempsey set a precedent for success and speed. These fast drinks require just a few ingredients so you can focus on each game from the start.

The Ellis Island

An easy riff on a Manhattan that can be done in just 15 seconds.

El Shandy

Mezcal and beer, you’re in the clear.


As you're undoubtedly aware by now, it's Brazil's national cocktail. Just some Cachacha, sugar, simple syrup and lime juice.


A few vigorous stirs of gin, vermouth and Campari and you've got an Italian classic.

French 75

This particular French 75 comes with cognac to give it a little extra sweetness.


Not those frozen ones, those take forever, and a blender. Just shake your rum, simple syrup and lime and it's done in a flash.

Aperol Spritz

You can build this concoction of Prosecco, soda and Aperol right in the glass. Stir twice and drink.


When you think America you might not think Campari and vermouth, but maybe it’s time you started.

Cuba Libre


Try to find the Coke from Mexico—it's made with real sugar.