Credit: © Wendell T. Webber

According to legendary chef and culinary icon Jacques Pépin, the secret to making people happy is knowing exactly what they want without having to ask. After almost five decades of marriage he knows exactly what his wife wants to eat and how she likes to eat it.

But what if you don’t have 48 years of experience with someone to know how to make them happy? Here’s our favorite shortcut: bubbles. Specifically in cocktail form. The mountain of evidence for the happiness brought on by sparkling drinks is everywhere and it’s overwhelming: weddings, New Year’s celebrations, almost every episode of Sex in the City. Think for a moment: Have you ever seen an unhappy person with a Champagne flute? You have not. It may not even be physically possible. In Pépin’s words "a perfect host pleases his or her guests". So get to pleasing people with some sparkling cocktails.

French 75

Let’s start with a classic. If you want to change it a bit, swap out the normal gin for Cognac like they do in the happiest of happy drunk cities, New Orleans.


Champagne Mojito

The mojito ranks pretty high on the happiness scale as it is, but top it off with some Champagne and you’ve got smiles all around.


Southside Royale

The gin backbone gives this drink some punch and the Champagne sweetens it up in a way that’s just right.



Fruit and Champagne are often the best of friends. Just ask the plums in this cocktail.



Oh, you need more fruit to keep you happy? Try this quintessentially Southern mix of bourbon and peaches.


Sudden Headache

Don’t let the name scare you off. The only sudden headache will belong to the bartender who has to keep hearing you ask for another.


Hat Trick

Just a little Aperol gives this sparkling cocktail a perfect amount of bite.


Red Velvet

This sweet and tangy mix of lambic and Prosecco has nothing to do with your opinion of a certain overexposed cupcake.