Yes, it can be done.

By F&W Editors
Updated June 02, 2017

The Appletini is less than fashionable, and for good reason. This ultrasweet drink, traditionally associated with sorority girls, bar newbies and Zach Braff’s character on Scrubs, is an undignified combination of vodka and saccharine-sweet apple liqueur. But, hard as this may be to believe, there are a ways to rejigger the drink to make it something worth sipping. Here, seven improbably delicious cocktails to make at home, all inspired by the Appletini.

1. Appletta
This sage-and-lemon-spiked take on an apple martini swaps out vodka for herbal cachaça.

2. Gingered Apple Sparkler
Citrus vodka, apple liqueur and a splash of ginger beer come together in this spicy-sweet highball.

© Frances Janisch

3. The Big Apple Martini
Instead of candy-sweet apple liqueur, this martini calls for applejack brandy and a touch of Calvados.

4. Smoky Apple
This cocktail combines rich blended scotch with apple schnapps and spicy Angostura bitters.

© Tina Rupp

5. Rosemary Martini
Sparkling pear cider gives this cocktail a fruity, spritzy edge.

6. Green with Envy
Fresh, muddled green apple brightens up this delicious sake-tini.

7. Apple Drink
Fruity martinis meet mojitos in this delicious cocktail.