By Noah Kaufman
Updated June 26, 2014

Big Gulps and other oversize sodas are here to stay in New York, now that a federal appeals court has decided that former mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to limit sugary drinks to 16 ounces went beyond the scope of the city Board of Health. (Among several rhetorical questions, the judges wondered why sodas got special scrutiny when coffee drinks with more than 800 calories got to stay on the market.) So while you could rush out for a Slurpee, there are healthier and tastier ways to stay cool this summer. Here, seven high-fructose-free flavors you can make yourself.

If you’ve never mixed herbs into your soft drink before, this cantaloupe pop is a good place to start, with cilantro and dill.

It also packs a bite of ginger to balance out the sweet apple.

Everything you usually get from the 7-Eleven is way too sweet. Try bitter and spicy instead.

We honestly don’t know why watermelon never caught on as a commercial soda flavor. We would drink it all summer long.

This is the best way to drink your rhubarb. There’s not even any CO2 required to make it fizz.

If you’re drinking soda for the caffeine fix, this can be your new go-to.

It works as a base for the Flight of Fancy cocktail, but we could drink 64 ounces of it on its own.