By FWx Editors
Updated June 03, 2014
Credit: © Dave Lauridsen

In case you did not know, today is National Egg Day. We hope you’ve found a way to get in an omelet or two, and fried an egg on your burger. But the workday is almost over and that means its time for some after-hours eggs. If you’re an amateur mixologist, a perfectly shaken egg white can make your cocktails all the more impressive. And if you’re a professional you probably know that already. Here are seven ways to celebrate the egg with a little extra kick.

Pisco Sour

© Wendell T.Webber

This is Peru’s favorite cocktail. Thanks to all the Peruvians who called or texted their votes.

Ramoncita Lopez Special

© Dave Lauridsen

A little rum can go a long way.

The Mediterranean Pink Lady

© Tina Rupp

Don’t let the pretty pink color fool you. This lady packs four kinds of booze.

The Filibuster

The addition of maple syrup almost makes this a complete breakfast.

Luchador’s Lady

This one is full of tea and tequila. We’re not sure if this supposed to be a comment on the girlfriends of luchadores.

Marmalade Sour

Made with real marmalade, this will be one of the sweeter sours you’ve ever had.

Maguey Sour

© Tina Rupp

Smokey mezcal balances well with the light egg white.