Credit: © Richard Levine / Alamy

You might call it 7-Eleven feat. Faygo. And it’s one of the hottest collabs in the Detroit area right now. The convenience store’s first Faygo Slurpee was successful enough that 7-Eleven has announced it's releasing a second Slurpee flavor using the Insane Clown Posse’s favorite soda.

Faygo is a regional soda brand with a longtime connection to Detroit. The company was founded in the city back in 1907 and still has its headquarters there. But for those without roots in the Midwest, you might better know Faygo based on the support it receives from the Insane Clown Posse (that’s a rap group, Mom).

Back in March, 7-Eleven and Faygo teamed up to release a Redpop-flavored Slurpee in more than 300 stores in Michigan and Ohio. Redpop is Faygo’s best-selling flavor, and, interestingly, the greater Detroit area ranks first in Slurpee sales in the US, so the combination makes sense. 7-Eleven must have liked the results, because now comes Faygo’s second Slurpee, this time using the flavor Rock & Rye, a spiced vanilla cream flavor.

Unfortunately, those looking to see what all the Faygo Slurpee fuss is about will have to head to Michigan or Ohio; there doesn’t appear to be any plans for a larger national rollout. Or, you know, you can just keep enjoying them vicariously by putting on your favorite ICP song.