You don’t have to make eyeball garnishes to create a scary, Halloween-themed cocktail. Instead, simply mix up one of these supertasty midnight-hued cocktails.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017

1. Nicosia
Amaro Lucano is a slightly bitter herbal Italian liqueur that bartender Philip Ward says tastes a bit like chocolate. Combined with rich tawny port and smoky mezcal, it’s a terrific digestif.

2. Eli Cash
This dark, rich cocktail tastes uncannily like root beer.

© Lucas Allen

3. Dominicana
This White Russian variation is made with aged rum.

4. Wonderlust
This cocktail is bartender Jonny Raglin’s tribute to cocktail ingredients that were ubiquitous a century back but rare five years ago, like pineapple gum syrup, genever and absinthe.

5. Burnside Fizz
With coffee soda, cinnamon and a frothy head of egg white, Burnside Fizz simulates the appearance of a cappuccino.

© Lucas Allen

6. XXX Martini
This vodka martini is spiked with a generous shot of black squid ink.

7. Pastorela
This beer-and-tequila cocktail is sweetened with a syrup made from panela, a dark, molasses-y Latin American sugar.

© Lucas Allen