By Lawrence Marcus
Updated February 28, 2014
Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell in The Seven Year Itch.
| Credit: © Moviestore collection Ltd / Alamy

To supplement the candy-, popcorn-, and hot-dog-stuffed #snackhacks we suggest for an Oscars Party, you're probably going to rip open a bag of chips and get pizza. Here's how to class it up with impressively good drink pairings that take no effort at all. When in doubt, go with something fizzy.

Prosecco, Cava or Champagne. There are two excellent reasons to drink sparkling wine with chips while watching the Oscars: 1. You'll re-create a famous wine-and-food moment in movie history (when Marilyn Monroe's character insists on eating potato chips with Champagne in The 7-Year Itch). 2. They are stupidly good together. (So you know: It's partly because the carbonation echoes the crunchiness of the chips in your mouth.)

Lambrusco. Time and again, the most respected journals of science have confirmed that sparkling red wine is the best thing to drink with pepperoni pizza. Because cheap, disgustingly sweet Lambrusco is obscene, you should source one from an actual wine shop, not a liquor store with bullet-proof glass at the counter.

Moscato d'Asti. Sugary foods make dry wine taste gross. If you're investing in gummy bears or Swedish Fish, a wine with some sweetness is better. Moscato d'Asti, which is about as sweet as Sprite, is a fine selection. It's also killer with fried chicken, so this is the wine to buy if you're planning to eat something shameful from a bucket.

Pinot Noir. As everyone knows, fruit-forward Pinot Noir from California is very good with Nacho Cheesier Doritos. I could offer a detailed explanation of why this is, but I would be making it up. (Credit for this discovery goes to Food & Wine executive wine editor Ray Isle, who wrote about it some years ago.)

IPA. Hoppy beer works well with spicy food—as long as you like it spicy. The beer's bitterness doesn't temper the heat, and in fact it can make the food taste even hotter. If you can't handle the greatness of this combination, have your hot-sauce-enhanced nachos with a wheat beer.

Americano cocktails. Because it's sweet and bitter at once, an Americano (Campari, vermouth, club soda) is especially tasty with salty-sweet snacks. Plus, it's not that high in alcohol, which may or may not be an advantage during an hours-long event on a school night. If you're still distraught that Grown Ups 2 wasn't nominated for Best Picture, swap the fizz for gin and make a Negroni.

Any whiskey. Bourbon can be shockingly good with chocolate cupcakes. Plus, whiskey has long been the preferred drink of Hollywood's leading men from John Wayne (in real life) to Will Ferrell (in his role as Ron Burgundy). Further, whiskey is very high in alcohol, meaning that after a while you won't even notice what you're eating.