By Noah Kaufman
Updated May 22, 2014
Credit: Darko Zagar

Two words for your Memorial Day cookout: wine slushies. Bartenders have been playing around with nostalgic favorites for years, creating everything from Mojito popsicles to strawberry daiquiri Jell-O shots, but slush is just as fun and much easier to drink. Here are six grown-up slushies to try or re-create this summer.

Red Wine Slushie

This comes from the Wine Not? food truck currently rolling through upstate New York. Not only do they have 30 flavors of wine slushies, they have perfected a boozy banana split with raspberry-Chardonnay, chocolate-Cabernet and Kahlua-espresso ice creams.

Bourbon Slush

The brown stuff doesn’t get nearly enough play in the alcohol slushie world. You can get this citrusy version at Picco in Larkspur, California.

The Liquid Nitrogen Caipirinha

The skilled servers at José Andrés’s Bazaar in Los Angeles will freeze this one up for you tableside.

Sake Slushie

This is one drink that definitely doesn’t come at the pull of a lever. Made by a 143-year-old sake distillery and served at New York’s Sushi Seti, this complex slush has been aged—frozen—for 10 years.

Beer Slushie

At Uncle Boons Thai restaurant in New York, they turn Chang, one of Thailand’s most popular beers, into a refreshing, icy treat for you right in the bottle.

Cucumber Honeydew Freeze

The 12-year-old you who insisted the only flavor of slushie worth drinking was “blue” will probably protest this green gin slushie, but everyone who comes to your Memorial Day BBQ will thank you for it.