Credit: © Innis & Gunn

Christian Grey cooed some pretty gross stuff to Anastasia Steele about food in 50 Shades of Grey, but to the best of our knowledge he never mentioned beer. His loss. He could have been doing all sorts of NSFW things to her with a pale ale brewed just for him. Scotland’s Innis and Gunn will release a limited edition 50 Shades of Green pale ale just ahead of the 50 Shades movie premiere next weekend and they designed it with sex in mind. It’s brewed with 50 different kinds of hops, a known aphrodisiac, as well as ginseng, ginkgo biloba and a few other ingredients meant to get you in the mood. 50 types of hops, by the way, might break the record for the biggest variety in a single bottle. It’s also only 4.2 percent alcohol, quite low for almost any style of beer, which means after all the aphrodisiacs do their work you and your valentine will totally be able to remember whatever happens next.

It is a limited release. Innis and Gunn only brewed 200 bottles, which will be available for preorder on their website over the next few days and will cost £30 ($46) for a 330 ml bottle. That’s a pricey drink, but it makes some sense when you consider that ounce for ounce hops are far and away the most expensive ingredient in a beer. If you want to order a bottle you can stay up to date at their website or by following their Facebook page.

If you just can’t bring yourself to actually go watch the movie next weekend (we think we’ll wait until it comes out on Cinemax After Hours next year) sharing a bottle of this stuff with your special someone might be a great Valentine’s Day activity.