By FWx Editors
Updated March 28, 2014
© Lucas Allen

If you went to college sometime in the last eight years, you probably encountered Four Loko (spelled with a k to prove how loco it really is!). If not, Four Loko was a caffeinated, boozy beverage that came in such tempting flavors as Blueberry Lemonade XXX, Cranberry Lemonade Margarita and, of course, Citrus MaXed (it should be noted that Four Loko is still out there but was reformulated in 2010 without caffeine). When stories began to circulate of students overindulging in this potent product, its maker, Phusion, began to attract unwanted attention from hospitals, universities and federal agencies.

As a result, today the details of a settlement between Phusion and 19 states as well as the city of San Francisco were announced which permanently stops the company from selling drinks containing both alcohol and caffeine. While we certainly don’t condone binge drinking anything—blueberry lemonade-flavored or otherwise—here are some cocktails with a kick that will make you forget Four Loko.

The classic coffee cocktail. If anyone in your office seemed too happy on a Monday, they were probably sneaking one of these.

The saffron-based liqueur Strega gives this rum-spiked coffee a spicy edge.

Why settle for one kind of rum when you can have two?

Amaretto and crème de cacao provide a little extra pick-me-up in your pick-me-up.

You have to prepare this one overnight, but it packs enough punch to make it well worth the wait.