We dare Daryl to not like the delightfully punny Machu Peachu.
| Credit: © Frances Janisch

On a recent, generally plot- and zombie-free episode of The Walking Dead, badass Daryl (Norman Reedus) accompanies virtuous Beth (Emily Kinney) on her first booze run. When they score some schnapps, Daryl smashes the bottle, proclaiming, “Your first drink ain’t gonna be no peach schnapps.” Spoiler alert, they find moonshine—much classier. This scene was disturbing on multiple fronts, but mostly why waste a perfectly good bottle of schnapps during the apocalypse? Clearly, Daryl doesn’t know how good it can be in cocktails. Here, five delicious peach schnapps cocktails that Beth should try if she makes it out alive.

1. Machu Peachu
Aside from its delightfully punny name, this supersimple cocktail is also very easy to make: just pour the schnapps over ice with pisco and orange juice.

2. Honeycrisp Apple Sangria
A light, honeyed take on sangria, this appley punch spikes Chardonnay with peach schnapps, pisco and fresh fruit.

3. Peach Fizz
Here’s a fizzy taste of summer while warm weather still feels aeons away. Bonus: The mixers are easy to find. You just need schnapps, OJ, vodka and Sprite.

4. Philly Fish House Punch
This potent, crowd-pleasing punch mixes tannic black tea with dark rum, brandy and peach schnapps. Served in an empty wine bottle, it’s perfect for parties.

5. Lemon Sorbet Martini
The perfect drink as dessert—it’s sweet, tart and indulgently creamy.