By Amanda Marsteller
Updated June 26, 2015

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Freeze it. Blend it. Float it.

If your Fourth of July cocktails don’t fit into one of the above categories, you’re drinking all wrong.

If they’d had mass quantities of ice readily available, you can be sure the Founding Fathers would’ve been toasting independence with a frozen tankard of ale. Raise a glass to your freedom—and your freezer—with five gloriously cold drinks to serve this holiday.

1. Angostura Phosphate Float


Remember the old days of skipping down to the soda fountain for a Chocolate Phosphate? Well, if you don’t, it’s not too late to get in on the action. The key ingredient? Acid phosphate, a combination of phosphoric acid and phosphate mineral salts that enhances the sour quality of a drink without the fruity side effects you get from citrus juice. Start with the old-school combination of acid phosphate plus Angostura bitters, seltzer and simple syrup, poured over vanilla bean ice cream. Legend has it that this bitters-based treat doubles as a hangover cure. Get the recipe.

2. Frozen Banana Daiquiri


Banana lovers, line up. When one lone banana can’t produce enough flavor to get your fix, you have to call in the big guns. Namely, banana liqueur. Combine both with dark rum, lime and ice and blend into frozen oblivion. Want a little more spice? Try a few dashes of gingerbread bitters. Get the recipe.

3. Cantaloupe, Mint & Campari Slushie


Sounds like a fruit salad—but it’s not. Cubed cantaloupe steps to the blender with mint, honey, ice and a bitter thread of Campari. All that’s missing? A final slurp of fizz from lemon soda. Get the recipe.

4. Frozen Peach Basil Daiquiri


Going peach-picking for the holiday? Pluck a few sprigs of fresh basil from the nearest herb garden while you’re at it. Then you’ll have the main components to create this absurdly summery slush, made with light rum, peach simple syrup and lime juice. Get the recipe.

5. Coconut and Jalapeño Slushy


First rule of summer drinking: When in doubt, serve it in a coconut. Even better? Grill your main ingredients. In this case, that’s grilled coconut and jalapeño, blended with vodka, coconut water and agave nectar and served from the gaping maw of a ripe coconut. Get the recipe.