By Justine Sterling
Updated June 04, 2015
© Lucas Allen

College graduations are, of course, very important, momentous occasions. But as anyone who has attended one can tell you, they are also very tedious ones. Whether you’re one of the (over 21) graduates or (also over 21) supporters, you can prepare for a long afternoon of sitting in uncomfortable plastic folding chairs and listening to a long list of mispronounced names by filling a flask with a delicious cocktail.

To all you almost-graduates: You’re adults now. It’s time to trade up from the cheap tequila you’ve been drinking for four years with something a bit classier. Here, five recipes for flask-able cocktails to help get you through commencement.

Brightly bittersweet (just like graduation) and nearly foolproof (just like that class you took called “What is Math?”).

Wry Manhattan
This sweeter, easier-drinking take on a Manhattan calls for rye whiskey, Southern Comfort and quality grenadine, which harkens back to a simpler time before you accrued all those loans you’re going to need to start paying back ASAP.

New Vieux
Didn’t make valedictorian? Feeling bitter? Fuel those feelings with a hit of bitter Bénédictine in this terrific whiskey drink.

San Gennaro
Remember how you told yourself you would pack a backpack and trek across the Italian Alps after graduation but instead got a consulting job that starts right away? This mix of amaro, Carpano Antica, Campari and rye is a pretty great Italian-inspired cocktail stand-in for that trip.

Corpse Reviver No. 1
Woodsy, apply and warming, this mix of Armagnac, Calvados and sweet vermouth is reminiscent of autumn in the Northeast. Remember fall, when you were so young and innocent? That’s all behind you now. Take another swig. Welcome to the real world.