By Noah Kaufman
Updated December 16, 2014
Credit: © Dave Lauridsen

We’re deep into retrospective season, and today Google released its Year in Search so we can all know what everyone in the world has been looking at online—the mostly PG stuff, anyway. And because we know you’re wondering, yes, Kim Kardashian's butt made the list, and we’re very disappointed in all of you. In addition to which celebrity butts generated the most search volume, Google shared the top 10 most-searched cocktails of 2014. And without further ado, here they are.

1. Margarita
2. Martini
3. Sangria
4. Mojito
5. Mimosa
6. Mint Julep
7. Moscow Mule
8. White Russian
9. Long Island Iced Tea
10. Tequila Sunrise

All right, mint juleps are delicious and everyone loves a good mimosa on Sunday morning, but come on people. Everyone knows White Russians should be consumed exclusively during viewings of The Big Lebowski and Long Island Iced Teas are a dumping ground for all the liquor on your shelf. There are some important cocktails that did not make the list, and we humbly request that you all start searching them now to bump out the bottom three on that list.

It is flabbergasting that this Cadillac of a cocktail didn’t crack the top 10.

The mix of sugar, lime and cachaça is deceptively potent and clearly delicious.

People have been mixing rye and vermouth into Manhattans since at least the 1880s. At the very least it should get points for having staying power.

Bittersweet and great for sipping in the summer. Great for sipping all year, really.

We’re talking about classic daiquiris. Not the frozen ones that come from the pull of a handle out of a glorified Slurpee machine.