Credit: Courtesy of Steve's Ice Cream

St. Patrick’s Day is a great opportunity to mix two of the very best things in the world: Beer and ice cream. The classic Guinness float is a St. Paddy’s Day staple but there are a lot of other great beers in the world that go wonderfully with frozen dairy. Here, five elite stouts and some epic ice creams to pair them with.

1. Founders Breakfast Stout

Brewed with a perfect dose of both coffee and chocolate, the Breakfast Stout can stand up to a more adventurous flavor.

Ice cream recommendation: Salt and Straw Stumptown Coffee and Burnside Bourbon

2. Evil Twin Ashtray Heart

One of our favorite NYC brands, Steve’s Ice Cream has an official St. Paddy's Day float recommendation: Evil Twin’s intensely smoked stout with their bourbon vanilla ice cream.

Ice cream recommendation: Steve’s Bourbon Vanilla

3. North Coast Old Rasputin Imperial Stout

Old Rasputin is dark, heavy, and at 9 percent ABV, plenty boozy. It’s a wonderfully chewy beer as well and is one of few beers we’ve tried that can handle an ice cream that actually some solid bits in it.

Ice cream recommendation: Ample Hills Nonna D’s Oatmeal Lace

4. Left Hand Milk Stout

One of the creamiest stouts anywhere in the country—Left Hand’s Milk Stout shouldn’t be overpowered by anything crazy in the ice cream department. There are plenty of excellent vanilla ice creams out there and that’s exactly what you need.

Ice cream recommendation: Choctál Indonesian Vanilla.

5. Lancaster Double Chocolate Milk Stout

Lancaster’s chocolate milk stout has a lot of malt and a lot of chocolate to it. That makes sweet enough to get an ice cream with some spice, a Mexican chocolate ice cream will work perfectly.

Ice Cream Recommendation: Jeni’s Queen City Cayenne