By Noah Kaufman
Updated December 04, 2014
Essential Labor Day Drinking
Credit: FOOD & WINE

Shaken, not stirred. Those iconic words have followed James Bond around for decades. Not only are they bad instructions for how to make a martini (which should be stirred, people), they've contributed to the false impression that martinis are all 007 liked to drink. Actually, if you survey all of James Bond’s documented boozing, which some curious researchers did in 2013, you’ll find that what he likes most of all is good whiskey. But his first drink ever? An Americano. Bond ordered the bittersweet cocktail in Casino Royale long before he started downing martinis. Enjoy one of these takes on Bond’s real first drink of choice.

The Classic Americano

Even though Bond drank quite a few of these, it’s not clear he liked them that much. He insisted his Americanos be made with Perrier instead of regular soda water because “expensive soda water is the best way to improve a poor drink.” We’re not sure what he’s talking about. We like Americanos as they are.

The Quo Vadis

We don’t know exactly what Bond didn’t like about the original, but if it was too bitter for him, this would be a good cocktail to switch to. A little less Campari and some cream sherry contribute to a smoother, sweeter profile.


If Bond wanted to get a bit further from the original this Campari-vermouth-soda combination is also made with limoncello and thyme.


That study we mentioned found that Bond drank 26 ounces of straight alcohol every week, so this mocktail would actually be a wise choice. The drinks creator Francesco Lafraconi calls it “the most authentic alcohol-free replica of an Americano”