Courtesy of Daphne Tan / @periperipeng

Creative baristas aren't letting themselves be limited by two dimensions.

Clara Olshansky
October 17, 2017

Sometimes it seems like latte art has gone about as far as it can go. We've seen latte-fied recreations of famous paintings, latte animations, and even NSFW latte, uh, body parts. In fact, there's even a machine that can print any image you want on your latte foam. When so much has been done in two dimensions, what's an artist to do but turn to sculpture? And the results are just adorable. Just look at these squeezable puppy cheeks!

Tried to recreate @kyoffee's shiba inu but in 3D! (don't worry my hands were clean haha)

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Here are some of the most delightful latte creations in three dimensions:


What my snapstreaks receive every weekend☝🏼

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One of the best 3-D latte artists around today, 17-year-old Daphne Tan makes some seriously impressive (and seriously cute) foam creations.

Purple Octopus

She can even make creations that push beyond the rim of the mug, like this adorable octopus hugging his cup.


apparently raccoons eat fruit, represented by the pink blob

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In fact, some of her latte sculptures even span multiple cups, like this reclining raccoon.

Halloween Bunnies

These Halloween-friendly creatures from Japan's Café ChocoTea are crawling out of the cup with excitement. Bonus points for the smiley jack o' lantern.

Assorted Animals

The 観光 🇲🇾 #0903 #2日目 #マレーシア

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These cheerful critters from Malaysia's Coffee Amo are sure to brighten up your morning.

Pikachu and Minion

I almost didn’t want to drink it. But I did.

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These pop culture characters are going for a lovely swim in a pool of coffee at Tokyo's Reissue coffee shop.

Bathing Animals

Taiwan's In% Hair Café couples great haircuts with great latte art, so you can sip from an adorable bear bathing in your latte while enjoying your new look.

Black and White Panda

Indonesia's Saka Bistro & Bar brings us these charming pandas whose milk froth bodies and pitch black spots perfectly match the black and white mugs they're sitting in.

Grumpy Pig

2017.10.10 🐷🐷

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This delightfully cranky pig comes from Taiwan's Sense and Sensibility café.

Animal Sweethearts

This was *almost* too pretty to drink but then I remembered how much I paid for it. #coffee #3dlatteart

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At Japan's Café ELK, your latte can be topped with two adorable critters in love.


Life goals 😴💤

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Who better to wake you up than the creature you spend dozens of hours trying to wake you up when you were playing Pokémon Gold and Silver? At SoCal's Love to Go café, you can get your caffeine fix from a sleepy Snorlax.

Little Green Men

For maximum latte whimsy, this Toy Story little green man in a little green mug is sure to bring a smile to your face. We're not totally sure why he has a Pokéball though—maybe he finally found a Pokéflute and is about to go catch a Snorlax. Wait a minute, is this 3-D latte art fan fiction?