Credit: © Kurt Schlosser

The NFL season is now in full swing, with week two finishing up with tonight’s Monday Night Football. That means that football-themed everything is in every city with an NFL team. Jewelry, blankets, ill-advised tattoos—if an NFL logo can fit on it, an NFL logo will appear on it.

One item that is generally done better than the rest of the often hacky football-related items though, is team-inspired beer. As a proud resident of Seattle I get to enjoy not one, but two beers to honor the Super Bowl champion Seahawks. Hilliard’s Brewery in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood brought back 12th Can pale ale this month. The name is a nod to the team’s nickname for its fan base, the “12th man.” Not to be outdone, Dick’s Brewery in Centralia, Washington, 85 miles south of Seattle, released 12 Man pale ale for the first time this season with the help of ex-Seahawks kicker Norm Johnson (remember him from Tecmo Super Bowl?). And in a city where the number 12 is seen on car decals, team flags hanging in windows and practically anywhere within a mile of CenturyLink Field, the beers are having serious success.

Seattleites love their team and would probably buy Seahawk beer even if it was bad, but fortunately that’s not a concern. Both breweries chose grassy, piney pale ales crafted to pair well with salty game-day snacks. If you prefer a maltier beer, choose Hilliard’s. Its toasty caramel malts are immediately apparent, bringing to mind traditional English ales.

Dick’s, on the other hand, drinks more like an American pale ale. Its more floral hop profile balances well with malt. Neither beer tops 4.5 percent ABV, allowing drinkers to enjoy them through the fourth quarter without too many timeouts.

Despite a loss this week, the Hawks are still one of the favorites to be back in the Super Bowl, so fans may be able to enjoy both Hilliard’s and Dick’s all the way into February again this year.

If you have a football-themed beer that you think can do battle with the Seattle offerings let us know below or tweet us using #FWx.