By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 21, 2016
Starbucks Giant Classic Mug
Credit: © Starbucks

Estimates are that the average coffee drinker has about three cups a day. That means the amount of coffee most people drink in a day would only fill up Starbucks latest cup about 1/7 of the way. Yup, this holiday season, Starbucks has added a 138-ounce “Giant Classic Mug” to its online shop – you know, for those looking to celebrate Christmas with a severe case of the jitters.

Starbucks itself admits that the cup may be a bit too big for your morning pick-me-up. “A planter for a coffee tree?” the ‘Bucks first suggests. “A Bearista bed? Finally, a cup big enough?” To give some perspective, the white ceramic mug is a foot wide from rim to handle, nearly ten inches tall and can hold 23 six-ounce cups of coffee. If you were to fill it up with your favorite blend – or any liquid for that matter – you’d probably be safest to pick the thing up with two hands.

Still, though this massive mug has plenty of uses beyond simply hauling around an absurd amount of coffee, you may find it more affordable to start drinking your beverages out of a plant pot. According to Brand Eating, the 138-ounce mug retails for a ridiculous $94.95. Though someone must think the price is worth it because the item is currently “out of stock” on the Starbucks online store. (Supposedly some have been sold in-store as well.)

And if you do manage to get your hands on one, you may want to consider taking it to the resale market and trying to make your holidays extra happy. These crazy big mugs are currently listing for around $200 on eBay. If I knew a career in ceramics was so lucrative, I would have actually paid attention in high school art class instead of sneaking out and going to Starbucks.