Do you love that first mug of coffee in the morning, a refreshing lemonade on a hot summer day, or a glass of excellent red wine to accompany a meal? F&W's guide to drinks features everything you need for a good sip. From seasonal cocktails to indulgent hot chocolates, our extensive archive of recipes will keep you inspired—and your thirst quenched—when you want to make drinks at home. There are also tips from our F&W experts on how to pair your drinks with food. For travelers (or even if you want to see what's new in your neighborhood), we've included our picks for where to drink across the globe. Always wanted to learn more about your favorite drink? Read our in-depth guides to beer styles, wine regions, types of tea and more.

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Shortcut Café Brûlot
Scholar and cookbook author Jessica B. Harris has been a part-time resident of New Orleans for many years. She shared her shortcut recipe for a Cafe Brûlot, which she likes to serve after a meal at her summer home on Martha's Vineyard. Café Brûlot is a signature cocktail of New Orleans, where it's prepared tableside at restaurants in an elaborate process that culminates in pouring flaming, citrus- and cinnamon-infused brandy down a clove-studded orange peel into a special silver-lined punch bowl, then dousing the flames with chicory-flavored coffee. Instead, Harris eschews the fireworks and special equipment, opting for a greatly streamlined drink that's much easier to prepare at home. In her version, warmed orange liqueur and cognac, fresh lemon and lime juice, cinnamon, cloves, and hot coffee come together in a simple but satisfying warming, boozy after-dinner cocktail that can be quickly prepared, served, and savored. You can serve the drink directly from the heatproof bowl it's prepared in, or do as Harris does:  "I mix it all and pour it out of an antique Victorian tea pot." Note this is a very potent drink. "The booze doesn't burn off," Harris cautions. "Serve in demitasse cups. No seconds."

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