This New Jerky Tastes Like Your Favorite Chips

Jack Link's released two new jerky flavors based on popular Doritos and Flamin' Hot chips.

Jack Link’s Dorito's Spicy Sweet Chili and Jack Link’s Flamin’ Hot Original flavored beef jerky and meat sticks


Chips and jerky are classic convenience store staples snackers nationwide. But what if the two popular munchies were mashed up together? Wonder no more, because Jack Link’s and Doritos are combining the flavors of Doritos with dried meat snacks.

The collaboration between Jack Link’s and the Frito-Lay dropped earlier this month, with Jack Link's Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili and Flamin' Hot flavored Original beef jerky and meat sticks, combining the jerky brand's products with the popular Dorito's flavor as well as Frito-Lay's signature spicy coating.

"It takes legendary brands like Jack Link's and Frito-Lay to create innovative offerings that truly level up the snacking experience," Leslie Vesper, vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay, said in the announcement. "We know our snack fans are loyal to the iconic flavors we've created across our Frito-Lay brands, so this is the perfect opportunity to bring bold flavors in a new form. I can't wait for jerky and meat stick lovers to experience these new products that will take their taste buds to the next dimension of snacking."

Apparently, Jack Link’s and Doritos' partnership was motivated by their joint interest in leveling up snack time. "Jack Link's has always been about pushing boundaries and bringing bold experiences to our fans through our high-quality meat snacks," Stephanie Leibke, vice president of marketing for the Jack Link's brand, said. "Through this legendary collaboration with Frito-Lay, we can take consumers on the next epic snacking adventure we know they are hungry for."

This venture certainly isn’t the first time Doritos has participated in mashups with other food companies. In 2021, Doritos teamed up with Buffalo Wild Wings for a Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili flavored sauce. Last year, Doritos and Taco Bell partnered on the spicy, fan-favorite Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos, a continuation of their taco shell partnership with the fast food chain.

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