Doritos' Most Famous Chip Flavors Are Now Available as Dips

Can you dip Doritos chips in Doritos dips, or will that open up some sort of vortex?

Doritos Dips Cool Ranch Jalapeno

Courtesy of Doritos

Tortilla chips are usually best when combined with other flavors: dipped in salsa or queso or as pile of nachos. Similarly, Doritos’ killer app was building these kinds of flavors into the chips themselves: nacho cheese, ranch, and a laundry list of others.

Now, Doritos is going full circle: They’re taking the classic flavors of their chips and turning them into dips you can dip other things into. Get ready for Doritos Dip.

Doritos Dips Spicy Ranch and Cool Ranch Jalapeno

Courtesy of Doritos

Billed as "a first-of-its-kind dip that pairs perfectly with all kinds of foods — from pizza to pretzels, veggies and more," Doritos Dip is suggested as a "swap [for] standard, boring condiments." And as should probably be expected, they arrive in spins on the two best-known Doritos varieties: Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch.

Doritos Dip Spicy Nacho is described as "a twist on the classic Doritos Nacho Cheese flavor snackers have known for years, delivered in a delicious dip that packs a spicy punch." Meanwhile, Doritos Dip Cool Ranch Jalapeño is said to be a "reimagined smooth and creamy ranch dip [that] intensifies flavor with a touch of spicy jalapeño."

"Doritos has always embraced the bold and we've encouraged our fans to do the same," a statement from Leslie Vesper, vice president of brand marketing for Frito-Lay, began. "As Doritos disrupts the dip aisle with the release of Doritos Dips, our goal is to deliver new and unexpected experiences to consumers. Whether paired with their favorite foods or our other Doritos product offerings, we hope Doritos Dips help fans think outside the box, just like we're thinking outside the chip bag with this innovation."

Doritos Dips Spicy Ranch

Courtesy of Doritos

Confused? Doritos does offer some more specific examples. For instance, dip a soft pretzel in their Spicy Nacho dip instead of a traditional nacho cheese. Like ranch dressing on your pizza? Doritos suggests dipping a slice in their Cool Ranch Jalapeño instead. The brand even enlisted the help of Keke Palmer for an ad where she’s seen dipping chicken fingers into Doritos ranch.

And of course, though Doritos never explicitly says as much, you could theoretically dip Doritos chips into Doritos Dips. Would it destroy the spacetime continuum? Maybe. But, hey, Doritos wants you to be bold!

Doritos Dips are rolling out this month at stores nationwide or on Frito-Lay’s online shop,, for $4.49.

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