By Aly Walansky
Updated March 17, 2016
© iStockphoto

As addicted as we are to our on-demand food delivery options, it comes as no surprise our fur-babies would want the same options to be made available to them.

Bringing the luck of the Irish to new levels, a restaurant in Dublin is now offering on-demand doggie treat delivery. And it’s not from a pet store, but Camile, a Thai restaurant.

Fluffy or Fido doesn’t have to settle for your leftovers. They can order their own dining pleasure, like “rice pudding and mango coulis dog treats topped with luxury Madeleine biscuits.”

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"Our head chef noticed that when he brought food home his dog would go crazy because of the smell," Daniel Green, a spokesperson for Camile, told Mashable. "Not being able to live with the guilt he came up with the dish and we decided that it would be a great product to share with our customers.”

Camile says this is the world’s first on-demand pet treat delivery service, but we’re sure it will be far from the last. We’re up for any opportunity to spoil.