Shoppers Say This Coffee Gadget Is ‘the Perfect Gift’ for Anyone on Your List

And it’s 30% off right now.

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Shoppers Say This Coffee Gadget Is ‘the Perfect Gift’ for Anyone on Your List tout


There are few things worse than a cold cup of coffee. Unless the cup of coffee was supposed to be cold (read: iced). But when drinking a drip coffee, a cappuccino, or something of the sort, it should stay at a constant temperature. The problem is, and you’ve likely experienced this, drinking a cup of coffee quickly can be tricky. It always becomes lukewarm, then tepid, then just flat out cold, and undrinkable before you can finish the cup. If this is a problem you have, it’s worth checking out this warming coaster that over 2,200 Amazon shoppers swear by to keep coffee at just the right temperature. 

Think of it as a miniature induction cooktop because that’s exactly what it is. Reviewers praise it for how easy it is to use, in addition to its value and safety. That’s right: one reviewer notes that the auto shut-off feature, which triggers whenever you lift up the cup of coffee, is convenient. They write that it has eliminated the problem of “forgetting that it is on and leaving it on for half the day” by accident. 

Dimux Coffee Mug Warmer, Electric Beverage Warmers for Office Home Desk Use


To buy: Dimux Coffee Mug Warmer, $22 (originally $32) at

This coaster keeps your coffee at a stable temperature of 131 degrees Fahrenheit, the perfect warmth, since the ideal drink is between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring none of the flavors of your brew are lost. It is also compatible with just about every kind of mug you could put in its path. That includes metal, enamel, ceramic, and glassware. The brand does note that a thin-walled, flat-bottomed mug will perform the best — and warm your coffee the fastest. 

And there’s a use beyond coffee, too. The brand says that you can put a candle on it, and it will release the scent, without the need to light it. The candle won’t melt, and so, one might say it makes candles last, well, forever. 

Beyond its other life as a candle savior, this mug warmer is beloved by reviewers thanks to its ability to preserve their cups of coffee and tea for hours on end. One writes that “for the first time I got to drink a full mug of tea without it getting cold halfway through.” 

Another reviewer shows in a video that the Dimux mug warmer is large enough to work with its French press, and recommends getting two warmers, one for a batch of coffee, and one for the cup of coffee you are currently drinking. 

One reviewer put it best: This mug is the “perfect gift for coffee drinkers and candle lovers,” they write. With colder weather coming in, it’s time to move away from the microwave and toward this warming coaster. Act fast, and snag it while it’s on sale for 30% off right now at Amazon. For just $22, this is a gift that will keep on giving. 

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